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Your Windshield Replacement Specialists
Auto Glass is Our Business... Not a Sideline

Olsen's Auto Glass serves the greater Eugene-Springfield, Oregon, area with its unique expertise in windshield replacement, rock chip repair, headlight restoration and other auto glass services.

Because we specialize in auto glass, our certified installers have the training and experience to make sure the job is done correctly the first time. Olsen's Auto Glass can work directly with your insurance company, saving valuable time. We follow all current insurance industry guidelines. Contact us today with questions or for a free quote.

We pride ourselves in providing the best quality products and excellent customer service. As a family-owned, local business since 1938, we've watched the automotive and insurance industries change, and we understand the nuances that can help you navigate insurance claims and replacement costs. Let us prove it to you. Contact us today.

Get Your Windshield Replaced Right, The First Time

Replacing auto glass can be tricky because, if done incorrectly, you'll likely experience problems with leaks, temperature control, noise and unwanted moisture. At Olsen's Auto Glass, our goal is to get your windshield replaced right, the first time. We stand behind our products and our workmanship.

Auto Glass is Not “Just Glass”

Not every auto glass product is the same. On a new car, every part comes from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), including the windshield. For windshield replacement, you have the option to select a replacement made by a company that manufactures OEM windshields (such as PGW, PPG, Pilkington, Carlite and others) or glass made from non-OEM manufacturers, also known as "aftermarket glass."

Types of Safety Glass in Automobiles

Safety glass is used in all automobile glass. It is manufactured to reduce the likelihood of injury, if it breaks. There are two different types: laminated glass and tempered glass.

Windshields are made from lamination process. A windshield actually consists of two pieces of glass, bonded together by a vinyl interlayer. This vinyl layer cushions your head during impact. If a windshield breaks during impact, the broken pieces will generally adhere to the plastic lining.

Side and rear windows are made from tempered glass, which is produced by heating the glass to more than 1100 degrees and then rapidly cooling it. This results in the outside surfaces of the glass becoming harder than the center of the glass and, therefore, is stronger than regular glass of the same thickness. If broken, tempered glass will break up into small pieces.

The Difference Between OEM and Aftermarket Glass

Both OEM and aftermarket glass must comply with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, but there are two important differences.

  1. An OEM brand replacement windshield is produced from original equipment style tooling. This type of windshield will have the appearance of your car’s original windshield and will fit properly in the window frame. The proper fit combined with expert installation helps prevent noise and leakage problems.

  2. OEM glass manufacturers partner with carmakers to enhance overall functionality and improve performance. Because of their close work with carmakers, OEM manufacturers have a greater Knowledge of the engineering demands that a car can place on the windshield and their replacement windshields are made using the same quality assurance systems as for the new vehicles.

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